Teens & Emerging Adults


Compass Counseling Group specializes in the treatment of teens and emerging adults!


Our late teens and early 20’s are a time of great exploration and self-discovery. This developmental period is often characterized by a sense of broad possibilities for the future as we explore who we are and how we want to spend our adult lives. This can also be a time of increasing stress for young people who are struggling with finding themselves. Emerging adulthood (ages 18 – 25), demands that individuals make very big life decisions which have long-lasting consequences for their future, and this stress is increasingly amplified by the financial pressures that come along with attending college or career training. It is also during our adolescence and early 20’s when most mental health disorders emerge, leaving individuals feeling unable to cope with the challenges they face. 

We can assist teen & young adults with addressing the following concerns:




Eating Disorders


Identity Exploration

Adjustment Disorders

Academic Distress/Test Anxiety

Interpersonal Relationship Concerns